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Easy homemade candles!

Posted by Rob Phoenix on May 22, 2023 at 12:25 AM

There is so much satisfaction in crafting your own things, like home remedies or candles.

The is the quick and easy way to make lovely beeswax candles to add a touch of light and color and fragrance to your home. Here is what you need:

Beeswax pellets

Candle color chips (optional but preferred)

Scented oils

Candle molds

Double boiler

Candle wick string

The beeswax and the color chips are melted in a double boiler...

Once everything is melted, turn off the heat, add your fragrance, and pour into your candle molds! Make sure your wicks are centered!

Once the wax has hardened, remove from the molds and you are ready to use your new candles! 

Homemade candles make great gifts. In the Powwow tradition, there isn't much use for candles for healing purposes, but the crafting of them is definitely a part of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture and you can infuse your candles with prayers and psalms while you make them, which adds a spiritual and holy element to them!

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